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    "The flight of Shenzhou XII could not have been accomplished without these Ningbo forces!

    On the morning of the 17th, Shenzhou XII manned spacecraft successfully flew into space, all the attention.

    With the spacecraft to the stars and the sea, Ningbo XINGJIAN aerospace machinery Co., Ltd. related to the person in charge of a group of entrepreneurs in Ningbo, the mood is also excited swing, because the spacecraft forward behind, there is from the strength of their enterprises.

    In the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft, astronauts breathing gas and rocket launch of the necessary parts are "made in Ningbo", and the production of these two precision equipment protagonist, is the city's aerospace field of the star enterprise Ningbo XINGJIAN Aerospace Machinery Co.




    The relevant person in charge of XINGJIAN told the reporter that the pressurized gas mixing system independently developed and produced by the company mainly provides breathing gas for astronauts, and the special fuel system refueling ball valves and regulating gas dispensing table produced by the company are important equipment necessary for rocket refueling.

    As a matter of fact, XINGJIAN has been involved in the production of Jiuquan satellite supporting equipment since the mid-1980s, providing strong technical support for manned spaceflight, Chang'e moon exploration, manned deep diving and other projects, as well as the development of new-generation warplanes, carrier rockets, and large passenger planes, etc. XINGJIAN has participated in and witnessed almost every manned satellite launch in China, quietly contributing to the launching of China's "stars, arrows and bombs". Ningbo Power" has quietly contributed to the launch of China's "stars, arrows and bombs".

    During the period from "Shen Yi" to "Shen VI", XINGJIAN provided the launch site with the production and installation of equipment such as gas system distribution table, valves, metal hoses, pipe fittings and so on. In the "Shenzhou VII" project, XINGJIAN Aerospace Machinery Factory once again undertook the related protection tasks - satellite launch tower modification and astronauts out of the simulation training center for the manufacture and installation of gas supply and distribution system.




    "During the launch of Tiangong-2, XINGJIAN provided the astronauts with a high-purity oxygen and nitrogen gas mixture in the form of a pressurized gas mixing vehicle, which is directly related to the safety of the astronauts' oxygen consumption, and can be said to provide an important guarantee for the development of China's manned spaceflight industry. In addition, the helium system adaptation of Long March 5 was also undertaken by XINGJIAN.

    In addition to the above technologies and products, the person in charge admitted that in the past two years, XINGJIAN has also provided ultra-high-pressure decompression solutions, remote-control pressure-reducing valves and ancillary systems, filtration systems and so on for the Jiuquan Satellite Launch.

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