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    Creating the strongest point of manufacturing city! The scale of this industry in Ningbo will reach 130 billion yuan

    Ningbo is nationally known as a strong manufacturing city, but where is the strongest point?

    Academician Tian Hongqi, president of Central South University and former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has repeatedly pointed out that compared to other cities in the country, Ningbo's manufacturing industry is based on a solid foundation, especially in the key basic parts and other aspects of the formation of a unique advantage in the country and even globally have a strong competitiveness.

    Recently, Ningbo issued the "key basic parts industry cluster development plan", determined to continue to make efforts in this advantageous area, and strive to 2025, Ningbo key basic parts industry industrial output value of 130 billion yuan; high-end mold industry cluster shortlisted for the national advanced manufacturing cluster cultivation list; cumulative cultivation of the national manufacturing industry single champion enterprises 12, specializing in special new "small giants" 100 enterprises. Small Giants" 100 enterprises.



    After years of development, the scale of key basic parts industry in Ningbo has been growing steadily. According to statistics, in 2020, the city's key basic parts industry has 960 industrial enterprises, realizing the total industrial output value of 95.88 billion yuan. Among them, molds, fasteners, hydraulic parts and pneumatic parts sales accounted for the proportion of the national market share of about 21%, 20%, 20% and 33%, respectively, with "China's mold capital", "China's fastener capital" and "China's pneumatic components". "China's hometown of pneumatic components" and other titles.

    These key basic parts of Ningbo enterprises like a great "sweeper", unknown, but in many major projects and major equipment, plays a pivotal role.

    In the Shenzhou twelve manned spacecraft, astronauts breathing gas and rocket launch of the necessary parts are "made in Ningbo", and the production of these two precision equipment protagonist, is the city's aerospace key foundation parts in the field of the star enterprise Ningbo XINGJIAN Aerospace Machinery Co.




    The relevant person in charge of XINGJIAN told the reporter that the pressurized gas mixing system independently developed and produced by the company is mainly to provide breathing gas for astronauts, and the special fuel system refueling ball valves and regulating gas dispensing station produced by the company are the important equipments necessary for rocket refueling.


    As a matter of fact, XINGJIAN has been involved in the production of Jiuquan satellite equipment since the mid-1980s, providing strong technical support for the development of manned spaceflight, Chang'e moon exploration, manned deep diving and other projects, as well as the development of new-generation warplanes, carrier rockets, and large passenger planes, etc. XINGJIAN has participated in and witnessed the launching of almost every manned satellite of China, quietly contributing to the launching of China's "stars, arrows, and bombs". Ningbo Power" has quietly contributed to the launch of China's "stars, arrows and bombs".

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