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    Just now, this enterprise in Haishu won the gold medal!

    On the afternoon of October 24th, the two-day "2021 China (Ningbo) First Digital Design & Technology Application Competition" came to an end at Ningbo No.2 Technical College.,Haishu District enterprise Ningbo XINGJIAN Aviation Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. won the gold medal of the competition.




    It is reported that this competition is organized by Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions, Haishu District People's Government, Haishu District Federation of Trade Unions, Haishu District Dongqiao Town People's Government, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Haishu District Economic and Information Bureau, Haishu District Science and Technology Bureau, Haishu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other units. In the context of deepening the promotion of industrial workers construction reform, the competition to "digital empowerment of industry, technology to accelerate innovation" as the theme, around the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and the development needs of manufacturing enterprises, industrial digital application as a focus point, to promote the synergistic development of digital design and physical manufacturing. Build digital design and industrial application competition exchange platform, digital creativity and practical effectiveness as the driving force, to cultivate a number of product innovation and digital application of talent, give full play to new technologies, new industries, new modes, new forms of demonstration of benchmarking and leading role, aimed at comprehensively promoting the Ningbo manufacturing industry digital, networked, intelligent industrial system of high-quality development.

    "The contestants come from all Ningbo City with product structure design and CNC machining centers and other basic conditions of various enterprises, institutions, research institutes, vocational colleges and universities, social groups." Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute relevant person in charge of the introduction, previously screened by the organizing committee of the competition, a total of 24 teams qualified to participate in the competition, into the field of competition. The event featured two competition sessions-Ningbo Second Institute of Technology and Yuyao Institute of Technology. At the same time, it also adopted the form of live broadcasting, realizing online and offline multi-platform interaction.

    In the competition, participants need to go through the raw materials, personalized custom cylinder head design and proposition parts processing, which is divided into three tasks: product creative design, equipment networking and production management, processing programming and CNC operation.




    At the previous opening ceremony, Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief scientist of the National 973 Project, sent his blessing via video. "I sincerely congratulate the grand holding of the competition, I sincerely congratulate the participants for their good achievements, and I sincerely wish that the majority of enterprises will discover and reuse talents through this competition, and flood more talents to the front line of manufacturing, which will be of great significance for our country to move from Made-in-China to Created-in-China." Tan Jianrong said.

    As the gold medal winner of this competition, Ningbo XINGJIAN Aviation Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, team leader Zhang Tianhu said, "I have been engaged in manufacturing industry for 16 years, the first time to participate in this kind of industrial design competition, but also took the gold medal, very excited and surprised, very thankful to the organizers and the referee team for the affirmation of our XINGJIAN Aviation, it is also for our It is also a kind of incentive for manufacturing workers, and I hope more and more young people can join our team to add bricks and mortar to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry."

    In addition, the competition also decided 2 silver awards, 3 bronze awards, 6 winners, the gold medal team operator will be recommended as "Ningbo Chief Worker", the silver medal team operator will be recommended as "Ningbo Technical Skillful Worker".

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