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    Company Profile

    XINGJIAN products are widely used in national defense scientific research, production and equipment supporting as well as petrochemical, metallurgy, special equipment manufacturing, inspection and other industries, can be applied to strong oxidation, strong corrosive gases, liquids and flammable, explosive, toxic media, as well as high temperature, high temperature, hot and humid, oceanic climate and aircraft, ships, special vehicles, the mechanics of the environmental conditions.


    According to the user's individual needs, we can take the turnkey mode to undertake the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service of complete sets of high-pressure, special fluid systems, hydraulic systems and pipeline projects.


    XINGJIAN has more than 800 employees, specializing in research and development, production of high-pressure, special fluid media filling, gas supply and distribution system equipment and system integration and installation. After years of technical accumulation, XINGJIAN has formed a number of core technology systems, such as system integration and automatic control design technology, processing technology of small and medium-sized precision parts of complex shapes of special materials, control of excess in the manufacturing process of small-diameter catheters, and design and testing technology of ultra-high-pressure gas valves, etc. XINGJIAN is one of the national specialties, specialties, specialties and specialties. The company is a national specialized, special and new "small giant" enterprise, advanced unit of national defense science and technology industry cooperation and supporting unit, national intellectual property advantageous enterprise, the first batch of military-civilian fusion demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province, innovative demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province, patent demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and the cultivation of invisible champions in Zhejiang Province.


    XINGJIAN has been providing high-quality products and services for national defense research and production units and troops for a long time, and has established extensive and in-depth cooperative relationships with customers, covering all military branches of land, sea, air, fire and war, satellite launch centers such as Jiuquan, Xichang, Wenchang and other military groups such as China Aerospace Development Corporation (CADC), China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSDC), Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (ASTC), and Aviation Industry Corporation (AIC).


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